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Encounter  Dolphins, Whales & Manta Rays

Wild & Free!

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$99 per Ticket DISCOUNTS 

Encounter wild dolphins, Manta Rays, go whale watching, snorkel in coral reefs! We have a RIB Zodiac Speed Boat that takes up to 14 guests max, no massive crowds on a fun adventurous ride! This boat makes it possible for everyone to slide off at once without waiting long periods time. Come with us and avoid the big boats with massive amounts of people. The Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii has the best ocean wildlife & coral reefs in the world. Our Kona snorkel tours & Kona boat tours are the best! There are many advantages to cruising the Hawaiian coast with us on our private charters in Kona; easy accesses, smaller groups for more personal & private tours, encounters with wild dolphins, manta rays, turtles, go whale watching. Tropical coral reefs, lava tubes & sea caves are just a few of the sights you will experience. We are very affordable so you can enjoy multiple trips during your vacation. The Kona private charters, snorkel tours & boat tours will guide you through The Big Island of Hawaii’s best ocean adventures! *Waivers are required to be signed before you can go on an experience with us, this is mandatory for all tour companies in Hawaii.

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Navy Zodiac Speed Boat
14 guest Max!

Avoid the Large tourist boats!

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ocean tours

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Wildlife & Reef Snorkel Adventure!
Kealakekua Bay / Captain Cook

  • 14 guest max

  • Encounter Wild Dolphins & Whales

  • Snorkel Coral Reef ( Kealakekua Bay / Captain Cooks Monument )

  • Sea Caves, Lava Tubes, Coves      

  • Zodiac RIB navy SEAL speed boat 

  • Snacks & water included

  • Snorkel gear & floatation devices included

$95 to $99 per guest


Sea Cave Snorkel Adventure!

  • 14 Guest Max

  • Tour Duration Time NOT exact 
    about 2 - 3 hours

  •  Zodiac Navy SEAL speed boat!

  • Snorkel in Sea Caves along the kona coastline!

  • Explore Sea Caves, Lava Tubes, Coves & other coastline topography!

  • Snacks & water included.

  • Snorkel gear & floatation devices includ

$99 per guest

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Manta Ray Night Snorkel

  • Lowest ticket price in the harbor!

  • 13 guest max! Other boats 20 to 50 people.

  • 108,000 lm of dive light power!

More than other boats.
Which statistically the more light power you have the more manta you can accumulate.
( of course they are wild animals, so that does not always guaranteed We have most mantas but but it certainly increases our chances )

  • 3 minute boat ride to the manta ray site!

Most of the boats have the 30 minute boat ride from the other Harbor, which is 1 hour round-trip.

  • We offer later tours than any other boat to give you the chance to have more Mantas, and more time with the Mantas, without all the other competitors out there, striving to see the same mantas.

But we still do offer the same early tours as well

$95 to $99 per guest


Private Charter

  • Private groups only!

  • Pick your choices of Adventures

  • Zodiac RIB navy seal speed boat 

  • Encounter Wild Dolphins

  • Whale Watching ( Seasonal )

  • Snorkeling at a coral reef

  • Explore Sea Caves & Lava Tubes

  • Swim up to a private remote beach

  • Snorkel Gear

  • Food & Drinks


_Graceful Manta Ray_ Mantas can be 15 feet across but they swim in a languid and graceful

wildlife pictures 

kona snorkel tours
kona snorkel tours
Pilot whales on the ocean
kona manta ray tour
private romote beach
kona whale tour
Aerial close up of a dolphin pod
kona whale watching tour
kona dolphin tour
Dolphin group jumping swimming in ocean.
bait ball in kona town
sea cliff at Kealakekua Bay
kona dolphins
captain cooks monument at Kealakekua Bay
kona dolphin tour
Kona Whale Watch & Reef Snorkel Adventure!
zodiac boat
Kealakekua Bay snorkeling at arch cave
kona dolphin tour
whale shark snorkel
bait ball in kona town
kona reef snorkeling tour
zodiac boat
kona Humpback Whale
whale shark snorkel
A curious Humpback whale calf in kona hawaii
whale shark snorkel
kona whale watching tour
kona manta ray snorkel
snorkeling with manta rays in kona
kona manta ray snorkel tour
manta rays
manta ray
whale shark
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